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Thank you for your interest in my online store. Please see the below article for the great reasons and benefits for choosing to shop with ReedFashion.

Why Shop With ReedFashion?

My online store features fantastic designer fashion items, at great prices. All items are 100% authentic. I have a great relationship with all the designers I feature in reviews, and on the store.

Missed Out on Previous Seasons?

The store features items from both current and past seasons. Some of these item are extremely rare, and are no longer in production. If you love vintage items, the store is a great place to pick up something from the early collections of well established designers. 

Worn Once, Twice, and Used items

For those fashionista's which love to fill up their closest with as many stunning designer items as possible, purchasing lightly used items are a great option. If you are looking for a stunning pair of shoes for special occasions, splashing out on retail prices can really hurt the bank, worn once or twice condition items are a perfect solution.

Restored, Polished, & Cleaned

When shopping consignment or discounted fashion stores, the items are often sold as they receive them. All items on ReedFashion have been polished, insoles disinfected and cleaned, any minor damages repaired and soles are restored when possible to a high standard. Designer items are exactly that 'Designer' they should be cared for and I take great pride in providing the best quality and cared for items.


High Quality Pictures

Each item in the store has up to 15 high quality pictures, taken in a photostudio of the actual item you will receive. These pictures are taken with a 12MP Camera. The pictures include different angles of the item, along with any imperfections or damages the items may have. An example of the styled item which has been seen on a celebrity may also be included in the listing for reference only, to provide a visual idea of how the item would look while worn/styled.


Detailed & Honest Descriptions

Each listing includes specifications on the item which has been provided directly by the designer. This information includes exact heel and platform heights in millimeters, reference numbers, the featured collection, bag dimension, etc.

If a review has been completed for the item, a direct link will also be available. A description of the condition is also provided, highlighting any defects or damages along with a list of the contents included with the item.


Accurate Sizing Measurements

I try to provide measurements for shoes and boots whenever possible. These measurements include the insole length and the width of the toe box. The measurements are taken by using a dress makers tape. I also include recommended sizing choices by reputable sites.

One-to-One Customer Service With The Creator 'Chris Reed'

When you inquire or purchase an item from the store, all communication is conducted by myself. The site is truly operated by one person, and any questions you may have are answered in a timely, and polite manner. I have over 10 years experience dealing with the public both face to face and via distance. I pride myself on providing the best possible service.

Beautiful Presentation

When buying from a designer store, it's not just the item you desire, it's the whole experience. Why should this be any different from buying online? My goal is to bring that same experience to online shopping. Whichever item you purchase, you will receive it gift wrapped, and well protected. No need to worry when buying for your significant other, the item is all ready for her to unwrap and enjoy.

Require More Information?

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions on the featured items or any other requests.