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"This chic clutch bag is perfectly proportioned to fit in your hand and has enough room for essentials such as smartphone, lip gloss and credit cards. The classic design has a timeless appeal."

- Jimmy Choo


Height - 130mm (13cm)

Width - 230mm (23cm)

Depth - 50mm (5cm)

Outer Material - Metallic Watersnake

Inner Material - Satin

Closure/Open - Magnetic Strip

Collection - Cruise 2013

Reference -  123CAYLA

Retail Price - £600


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New clutch bag with slight defects. Very small sections on the bag (outside material) have rubbed off due to the delicate material, hardly noticable (wont be seen when your holding the bag), and a black pen mark inside by logo stamp to prevent store returns. Small indent on the back bottom left corner of the bag. Light serface scratches on metal flap. The bag has not been used, and has been stored, hense these defects. Very rare bag from the Cruise 2013 collection, in stunning metallic watersnake.




  • 1x Jimmy Choo 'Cayla' Citrine Metallic Watersnake Clutch Bag




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Jimmy Choo 'Cayla' Citrine Metallic Watersnake Clutch Bag

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